Managing Legal Contracts with software

Litigation could become an extremely expensive and cumbersome business for a person, be it an attorney or a Body entity, if not managed well. This is because they have vast business needs ranging from defending and pursuing claims, resolving contract disputes, to representation at judicial forums. Let us look at an Overview of Litigation Management through software.



  • What is Litigation Management?


In simple terms, Litigation Management is a means of organizing huge amounts of information associated with a litigated case. Legal Counsels need a way to assemble all of the information that is gathered during the discovery process and fit it together so it can be logically presented at a trial. These systems can intake huge amounts of data and allow it to be sorted, stored, and accessed by multiple authorized parties. The software can also weed out redundant material to make the review of the case material more efficient.


  • Who needs it?


Legal Disputes are relevant for every business and any mishandling of legal dispute can cost you your own business. Whether you are Legal Counsel of a Company, running a Court Practice or handling outsourced Legal Function of corporates, handling of your legal affairs is a critical affair and thus, arises the need of a Managing Software.


  • Why the ‘Need’?


If you’ve ever seen the huge numbers of boxed documents associated with a big legal case, you can understand the need for a solution to keep everything straight. The advantages that the software offers are:

  1. Uniformity: Since all cases are stored in single software, in a single type and an easy, simple format, all litigations can be managed easily online. All litigations be it dispute for recovery, employee dispute, dispute with client or vendor, all are housed in one place. All case notes, hearings and judgments are stored including uploading documents which can be accessed by all concerned people.
  2. Option to get Reminders: The software offers an Interactive workflow to allow respective users to get notification and reminders.
  3. Time-saving: Since all your documents are saved in a proper place, there is ease in locating them and searching for what you are looking for. It offers the right-sized and right-price product to support your growing and increasingly complex litigations.
  4. Organized working: There is an organization of work, resources and people. The Web based software can be used by internal as well as external parties including internal team like Marketing, IT, HR, Finance and external parties like Advocates, Counsels, Consultants, auditor etc. Legal and managerial Compliance


  • Consequence of not having it?


You could have tons of legal cases bundled, forget to attend hearings, suffer huge fines and penalties, and your business’s reputation shall tarnish. If that’s less, you may lose your business too.


  • Why the need for a ‘Software’?


Technology Innovation is the key to manage scale, minimize errors and enable smooth workflow. Any process requiring human intervention of repeated nature can be automated with the use of specialized software, algorithm and processing speed. Thus, to speed up things, make them organized and increase the efficiency of your work, you need to use a software.


  • How will the Software help you?


Volody gives you the tools to manage and execute your Legal Matters in the best possible manner.

  1. Listing of all open & closed legal disputes, litigations in court or in arbitration where you are party to the dispute
  2. Admin function to allocate/assign work to team member, Advocate and external service provider
  3. Spend on legal drafting
  4. Information on the Judge and Court where the case is filed
  5. Information on relevant sections, relevant judgments and possible liability
  6. Details on legal cost incurred / to be incurred
  7. Dashboard giving MIS / info on cases
  8. MIS reports / Financial MIS on possible liability or money incurred on case or overall spend
  9. Web-based software can be accessed on mobile, laptop, tab and other devices
  10. Reminder to all concerned for next date of case, reminder for updating proceeding of past date
  11. excel / word / pdf download facility.

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