Why digitization moving slow for Compliance, Legal and Secretarial functions in India

As the whole corporate world globally is moving towards digitization and ensuring that they make the best use of data, take faster decisions and smart storage of documents, the pace is slow with Compliance, Legal and Secretarial functions in India. Read More

SEBI disqualified 3 lakhs directors

Why SEBI disqualified 3 lakhs directors

The recent disqualification of 3 lakhs directors, deletion of 2 lakh companies by Ministry of Corporate Affairs and compulsory delisting of 200 companies by Bombay Stock Exchange rattled corporate India forcing all Board Members, Senior Management and Auditors to re-check Read More

There are over 10 lac companies in the country and the total number of directors will be in excess of 20 lakh.

At least two lac directors on the board of companies, whose names have been struck off by the Registrar of Companies (RoC), will be barred from holding any board position in new ventures although they will not have to step Read More

Company secretary compliance software

Company Secretarial Compliance Software

For every corporate, secretarial work forms a major part of the compliance administration. Secretarial work includes drafting of maintaining agenda, statutory registers, minutes, resolutions, filing of forms, etc. The traditional Company Secretaries are used to preparing the aforesaid documents manually Read More

ROC Software

A Complete Picture Of Company Secretary Software

Company Secretary Software Traditionally, Company Secretary used to prepare all ROC forms, resolutions, drafting, etc. ‘manually’ every time for every other company. This cost them a lot of time and efforts, despite which there could be many unnoticed errors and Read More