Company secretary compliance software

Company Secretarial Compliance Software

For every corporate, secretarial work forms a major part of the compliance administration. Secretarial work includes drafting of maintaining agenda, statutory registers, minutes, resolutions, filing of forms, etc. The traditional Company Secretaries are used to preparing the aforesaid documents manually every time thereby leading to time-consuming and cumbersome process, which may have unnoticed errors and mistakes.

Transforming the entire process by automating it…

Our team of experts includes experienced Company Secretaries and IT Professionals who worked in synergy as a team. The result of the said hard work is a software which automates the entire Secretarial Compliance process. The said software is useful for corporates, professionals (Like Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries) and various other entities. The biggest advantage of the software is giving you answers to all compliance needs which no law is able to give, ease of creating documents, automated filing and mobility. Now, resolutions, minutes, agenda can be prepared from anywhere at anytime using any form of devices viz. Laptops, Desktops, mobile phones, etc. The said documents can be prepared with the input of a minimum amount of data and with maximum error free results.

The various features and functionalities of our software are as follows:

  1. Preparation of Resolutions: Drafting and preparation of resolutions is a cumbersome task as there is no standard format for the same as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2013. Moreover, there are hundreds of situations which warrant a resolution to be made which includes resolutions to be passed at the Board Meeting or General Meeting level. At times even if the Company Secretary is able to generate resolutions, its still not clear about the complete process of paperwork, filing and compliances.We have automated the entire process, wherein all possibilities of resolutions of Companies Act, 2013 have been incorporated in the same. Our resolution list is exhaustive covering all possible situations where resolutions need to be passed, at Board Meeting or General Meeting level. The user needs to input the minimum basic information and the entire resolution and all the required compliance documents are generated.The user has the option to save the same in PDF version or print the same.The said automation functionality is useful not only for professionals like Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries but also for Secretarial Functions of companies as well.
  2. Generation and Filing of ROC Forms and maintaining of Statutory Registers: The Users can generate and file forms which are required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies.  By filling minimum amount of information the entire Form is generated which ranges from Company Incorporation forms, Change of Office address, Annual Returns, Alteration of Capital, Creation or modification of charges, etc.Also, apart from Company incorporation forms, user has the facility to file and upload LLP forms which includes incorporation of LLP, Annual Returns, Changes in Partners, Creation or modification in charges, LLP Agreements, etc.Apart from above, every company needs to maintain certain statutory registers. Our software comes with the functionality to prepare the Statutory registers as per the provisions of Companies Act.
  3. Secretarial Audit: Companies Act, 2013 prescribes certain companies for which conducting Secretarial Audit is compulsory by an independent Company Secretary. Our Software gives an exhaustive check-list which will enable the professional for conducting the said audit in a comprehensive and complete manner. Also, our software comes with the format of Secretarial Audit Report, which allows fast and easy preparation of Secretarial Audit Report. The tool also allows users to create documents, reports and store database.
  4. Preparation of Minutes, Agendas, etc: Preparation of agenda and notices before conducting of meetings and preparation of minutes after conducting the meeting is another cumbersome and time consuming task.Our Software enables its users to prepare Notices, Agenda and Minutes of Meetings such as Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting and Extra Ordinary General Meeting.The same can be prepared from anywhere providing complete mobility and customer satisfaction to its users.
  5. Incorporation & Registration:The Ministry of Corporate Affairs and various other regulators like Trade Mark, VAT, Service Tax, FSSAI and Income Tax has come up with a fast track method of incorporation of Companies and online filing of various registrations. Forms for VAT, Service Tax, FSSAI and Income Tax. The same can be done with the help of one single form along with all the requisite documents attached to the same. The said form can be filled through our software from any place by inputting only the required information and attaching the documents asked for. The software comes with a function for uploading the said forms and making payment of government fee for the same.

View Company Master

The master database of Corporates, as well as Limited Liability Partnerships, is of utmost importance for any professional. Every professional at some point or other requires the data of corporates from the ROC database. We provide the said comprehensive database at the fingertips of professionals at just a click of a button. The users can access the said data easily from any place through any device providing utmost customer satisfaction and mobility convenience to its Users.

Case Research

Our Software comes with primary documents and proprietary analytical content covering commentaries, treatises, digests, editorial enhancements containing the comprehensive online resource.

The said functionality is useful for not only professionals but also with users ranging from Academic, Corporate, Government, Banks, Consulting Companies, Media Houses, Litigants, Research Organisations, NGOs, and others. This gives in-depth legislative, regulatory and procedural information critical for decision making, without having to go to multiple sources. Our team of experts works continuously and seamlessly to aggregate, collate, structure and deliver the said information.

Compliance Calendar

Compliance nowadays has become very cumbersome and complicated.  With Businesses focus on full compliance and increased level of governance and penalties by regulators. To remember the due date for each and every statutory compliance we have compiled and consolidated a complete and exhaustive summary which not only covers the due dates as mentioned in the direct and indirect tax laws but also covers other statutory compliances including RBI, FEMA, SEBI and secretarial compliances which needs to be complied with. 

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