ROC Software,TDS Software Innovation Via Association

ROC Software,TDS Software Innovation Via Association


Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. It has found a way into every single activity we do and every aspect of our lives we hear and read about new technological advancements every day. So what drives this advancement? It is an innovation that drives this advancement. People have come up with so many ways to make day-to-day tedious jobs easy and less time-consuming. Software is one of the most important parts of technological advancement to make things easier for the public, business firms, professionals, and even the government.ROC Compliance includes a host of things like preparing minutes, resolutions, forms, etc. All of these can be prepared easily with automation in the process using our ROC Software.

ROC Software takes great pride in the outstanding technical support we deliver to each and every customer. Our technical support engineers literally have decades of experience with ROC products and services – all resulting in a unique benefit for our customers and partners.

The ROC team has experience of supporting companies with one to thousands of installed systems. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service by answering customer calls quickly and by providing solid customer and technical support. We will earn your trust through strong technical knowledge and support practices.

Volody is one such company that is committed to the development of technology and it caters to the needs of professionals and offers many services that are directed towards automating the majority part of the day-to-day running of the business. Its software offerings include :

LAW software

view– Agreements, Contracts, and Notes are an essential part of any business entity and any professional field. Now, drafting them couldn’t have become easier. There is the best LAW software for making easy Agreements, Contracts, and Notes. Chartered accountants work in all fields of business and finance, including audit, taxation, financial and general management. Some are engaged in public practice work, others work in the private sector and some are employed by government bodies to help prepare agreements, case notes, forms, and department letters through simple short steps, case research and studies are also available in one click.

Company Secretary Software

vCS– Company Secretaries spend hours and hours and use up a lot of effort preparing documents and drafting maintaining agendas, statutory registers, minutes, resolutions, filing of forms, and other time-consuming jobs without guaranteeing the absence of errors and mistakes. vCS makes this work easier and is less prone to mistakes and it also reduces the effort.  It helps in Resolution Drafting with one single click, preparing ROC forms, Minutes drafting,  Preparing registration documents,  preparing Secretarial audits, Department letters, and many various other activities.


via– This is a software tool focused on the needs of CAs and businesses. It helps in tax filing, compliance needs, audit compliance of organizations, and various other related services. Its features include computation and filing of Income Tax Return, TDS, VAT, Service Tax, etc. It provides other related services as well.

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These are just a few examples of how and software development are making life easier. The increasing use and increasing importance given to innovation and the creation of these proves how it’s affecting and changing our lives. Not only are these developments making it easier for us to do work it’s also making it cheaper in many ways. Some people are so dependent on this software that they can’t imagine having to work without it manually.

Software development in a way is increasing the productivity of every working person by giving them easier ways to do important work correctly and having ample time to concentrate on other things as well. So, yes software innovation is making life easier and has become an essential part. Please do drop in a mail at or Please visit to avail of the services. Call 8080809301 for more details.

Volody is a pioneer in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software since 2016. Our innovative AI-powered software automates tasks, extracts insights, & improves efficiency. Volody has delivered exceptional results for numerous firms, including small businesses & Fortune 500 companies across the globe. In the fast-paced world of CLM software, Volody stands as a consistent innovator & a partner you can trust.