SEBI issues clarifications & FAQ on Prohibition of Insider Trading regulations

SEBI Insider Trading Compliance – This is no more an option

As you know SEBI has been taking Insider Trading Compliance very very seriously and they have been coming up with various clarifications and FAQs to make sure corporate India understands the regulations well and in case there is non-compliance no one takes advantage of the confusion.

SEBI has come out with FAQs around SEBI Prevention of Insider Trading regulations. Click here to see SEBI FAQ on PIT Regulations 

The FAQs revolves around the following topics :

  1. Pre-clearance requirement for the exercise of ESOP options
  2. Trading in GDR & ADR by foreign national employees covered under PIT
  3. Information required to be maintained in Digital Database to ensure PIT regulation compliance
  4. Information to be collected from Designated Person at the time of resignation

The FAQs gives clarity on many questions company secretaries/compliance officer will have. It also re-emphasized the fact that the digital database and pre-clearance process is a must.