TDS Software – Its How’s And Why’s?

TDS Software

(Tax Deducted at Source) is a way of collecting income tax. A prescribed amount on which Income Tax has already been charged is deducted from the total amount, and then Tax is charged on the balance amount.


TDS is for those who avail services of others, for eg., a Company has to take TDS Certificate from all its service-providers, for eg. , its employees, etc. Maintaining a database of all payments made, collection of TDS certificate, calculation of exact amounts, filing, etc. are all tedious jobs. To make the task lighter for consultancies, accountants, and firms, we make the use of technology through the TDS Software.

TDS Software Features

A basic TDS Software has the ability to do the following:

  • Facility to prepare E-TDS/TDS/correction in Form No. 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 26QA.
  • Automatic generation of name and other details by inputting the PAN details by tds software.
  • Preparation of Form No. 27A required to be submitted with E-TDS/TCS return/statements.
  • Generation of digitally signed Form 16/16A and submission of same to Deductees as proof of payment of TDS and filing of TDS Return by tds software
  • Preparation of TDS Challan with automatic generation of challan register, TDS certified register.
  • Import of data from excel sheet.
  • One time input of name, address etc. of deductee for multiple entries.
  • E-payment of Challan
  • E-Filing of Returns with the use of Digital Signature by the tds software
  • FVU request for consolidated FVU file from NSDL by automatically connecting with the TDS Website
  • Update local data with NSDL FVU data tds software


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Now, to answer the WHY i.e. why should people make use of it, we answer it below:

  • Compatible

Unlike Government Software, this software is compatible with other systems and thus, helps in smooth working and filing of TDS software

  • Best customer support

If you’re stuck up or facing any technical glitch, you’ve an active customer support, take for instance  At, in case of any queries or problem, you can call on +91 8080809301 or email at

  • User friendly software

Software is easily accessible. It requires few basic details, and has easy to edit options. Follow this link to know more on How to use the software check out the demo of Fully Automatic TDS Return Filing.

  • Use of latest technology

Software is using the latest technology unlike some Government software which remains out-dated leading to wasteful time-consumption.

  • Automatic update

The software gets updated to its latest version automatically. So any new change in the method of filing, rate of tax,etc. can be updated on the software, which would eventually lead  to Updated documents.

  • Automatic data back-up

Data is backed-up automatically easing the process for future years plus for maintenance of proper records leading to less paper use.

  • Help to keep proper database

A proper database of all years’ data can be maintained through these softwares leading to convenience for future filings.


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Why choose

Beside the above mentioned advantages, our Software comes with an easy to use approach and with simplified English which allows any user to complete TDS filing process smoothly. It also offers the convenience to its users to use the software from any place by using any mobile device like laptops, mobile phones, etc thereby maximising the customer satisfaction level.

Chartered Accountants can use it for infinite numbers of customers without any limit and save the date for their future use. vCA promise significant saving in time even if you have been using any existing tds software.

For a free trial or purchase of software, visit

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