Volody appoints Craig Duffy as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Craig Duffy
Craig Duff - Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Volody

Leading AI-enabled Contract LifeCycle Management (CLM) software company, Volody, is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Duffy as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In this newly created role, Craig will lead Volody’s global sales and marketing teams and be responsible for developing and executing the company’s go-to-market strategy to take advantage of the rapidly growing momentum for Volody’s CLM platform solutions.

Craig Duffy is an accomplished Enterprise Sales professional with three decades of experience in the technology and software industry. He has held senior-level sales positions at a number of high-growth technology companies, including SAP/Ariba, Informatica, BEA Systems and most recently SirionLabs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in driving growth and sales, Craig is well-positioned to lead Volody’s sales and marketing initiatives.

“We are excited to have Craig join the team,” said Dinesh Sharma, CEO of Volody. “His expertise and leadership will be instrumental in fueling Volody’s growth going forward. We have an ambitious roadmap, and Craig’s experience will be critical to delivering on our goals.”

The global CLM technology market is predicted to grow to $5.8B through 2030, and as organizations around the world continue to embrace AI technology, Volody is uniquely positioned to capture significant market share in this growing sector. Craig Duffy’s appointment comes at a crucial time, and his leadership in sales and marketing will be critical in accelerating the company’s growth and profitability.

“As the global market for CLM technology continues to grow, I’m thrilled to be joining Volody at this pivotal time,” said Craig Duffy. “Volody’s innovative CLM platform solutions are perfectly positioned to capture this growth, and I look forward to leading the company’s sales and marketing initiatives to drive its continued success.”

With Craig Duffy’s appointment, Volody is poised to expand its global reach and strengthen its position as a leader in the CLM software market. The company’s AI-enabled platform solutions offer unparalleled value to its customers, and with Craig’s leadership, Volody is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.

Ai & ML features of volody
Ai & ML features of volody

Volody CLM leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine getting to know (ML) competencies to enhance the agreement control revel in and drive higher commercial enterprise outcomes. Here are a number of the key AI and ML capabilities of Volody CLM:

  1. Contract Extraction: Volody CLM makes use of AI-powered algorithms to extract relevant statistics from contracts and other prison files, which include clauses, responsibilities, and key terms. This streamlines the settlement consumption process, removes the need for manual statistics access, and allows make sure facts are  accuracy.
  2. Contract Review and Analysis: Volody CLM makes use of ML algorithms to review and analyze contracts, figuring out areas of threat and supplying pointers for changes or negotiations. This allows criminal groups make informed selections about contracts, reduces the chance of errors or oversights, and quickens the negotiation method.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Volody CLM leverages NLP to interpret and recognize the language used in contracts, permitting it to extract key facts, discover styles, and offer insights. This helps agencies identify possibilities for fee savings, streamline workflows, and improve contract compliance.
  4. Predictive Analytics: Volody CLM makes use of ML algorithms to research historic settlement records and expect consequences, which includes agreement cycle instances, risks, and costs. This allows businesses to optimize their settlement management approaches, enhance agreement performance, and make information-driven selections.

Overall, the AI and ML features of Volody CLM assist agencies automate and optimize their contract management workflows, reduce threat, and growth efficiency and accuracy.

About Volody

Volody is a leading AI-enabled Contract LifeCycle Management (CLM) software company, providing cutting-edge solutions to help businesses manage their contracts more efficiently. The company’s AI-powered platform automates contract management processes, enabling businesses to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve compliance. With a global presence and a commitment to innovation, Volody is at the forefront of the legal-tech industry.