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TDS Software, ROC Software

With so many professionals (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers) competing for more and more clients, the ones that do more—faster and more efficiently are the ones you’ll see improved productivity, increased coverage of services and more clients with them.

TDS Software

In today`s technology driven world, all the business owners and senior corporate professionals are spending time on digital media to find professionals for legal, tax, accounting and compliance services. Businesses also expect professionals to be tech-savvy and work ON-THE-GO and ensure quick delivery of assignments. Its time to go paperless unless its required under any law.  Even the regulators (TDS Compliance, ROC Compliance, Income Tax, GST Network, Service Tax, Stamp Duty, Registration Office, FSSAI, Municipalities) also accept all registration application, fees, regular return filing online.

In this fast paced environment, getting a good TDS Software is of paramount importance.

ROC Software

ROC Compliance includes a host of things like preparing minutes, resolutions, forms etc.  All of which can be prepared easily with automation in the process using our ROC Software., India’s leading online marketplace for professionals has build various tools, software and applications to help all professionals (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers) to automate their day to day service deliveries, cut-down manpower requirement, improve Turn-Around-Time (TAT) and grow business substantially. in addition to providing business leads to all professionals (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers) and help them complete the assignments, manage their practice, customer communication and automate their daily routine work.

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Some of the software, tools and technology applications used by professionals includes:

  • Practice Management Software
  • Online creation of legal agreements. We currently have more than 500 agreements available for free
  • Building Opinion on Tax, Compliance, Legal or Accounting Issue
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Secretarial Audit
  • Computation of Income
  • Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Filing of ROC Forms with MCA including AOC 4, MGT 14 etc
  • Filing of TDS return
  • Filing of Service Tax Return
  • Secretarial Compliance
  • Generation of Minutes, Agenda and Resolutions for clients
  • Managing Compliance Calendar
  • Research of court cases, opinions software are web-based and not machine installed. This help our Professionals to use the application  / software from anywhere. All the applications can be used on the mobiles of any make and brand.

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With the trust of more than 5000 professionals in India, we have already helped them grow their practice three fold with the same resource base and gained appreciation of the customers.

We have excellent referral packages, which can make your software subscription absolutely free. Please write at or call at 8080809301 for a free demo.

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