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ROC Software
ROC Software

Company Secretary Software

Traditionally, Company Secretary used to prepare all ROC forms, resolutions, drafting, etc. ‘manually’ every time for every other company. This cost them a lot of time and efforts, despite which there could be many unnoticed errors and mistakes. Since for every corporate, secretarial work forms a major part of the compliance administration, there arises a need for Company Secretary Software.

What does Company Secretary Software do?

Secretarial work includes drafting of maintaining agenda, statutory registers, minutes, resolutions, filing of forms, etc. Company Secretary Software is designed in a way to save time of clients on doing manual paper-work and for speeding up of work without sacrificing on accuracy.

Company Secretary Software has the following functions:

  • Resolution Drafting :Draft Board, AGM, EOGM Resolutions with Single Click
  • ROC Forms : Prepare PDF of ROC Forms Online
  • Minutes Drafting : Prepare Minutes of All Meetings
  • Incorporation Forms : Prepare Registration Docs
  • Secretarial Audit : Perform Secretarial Audit for Clients with Check List
  • Letters : Important Ready Drafts for Dept Communication
  • Manage Customer Data : On the Cloud, Anywhere
  • Case Research: Read about Prior Cases of all Governing Authorities.
  • Compliance Calendar: Never miss important dates for Clients and their filings.

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Why You Should Use Company Ssecretary Software?

company secretary software

Company Secretary Software eases the workload of a Company Professional and saves time and money. Also, all companies are required by law to keep their Statuary Register file, all its e- Forms / Annual Returns under the Project of MCA-21, compulsorily online.
You can manage E-Forms and Documents a lot more effectively. It truly makes office paper-less. It identifies all repetitive work and automates it. In a Nutshell, we list down the following benefits:

  • No more manually filling repetitive data in E-Forms.
  • No more spending time drafting resolutions, notices and minutes.
  • No more painstakingly maintaining statutory registers
  • No more searching for a lost document

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Why Buy VCS From volody?

An endeavour has been made to provide Solution for day-to-day secretarial work on your personal computer by volody.com. We have software vCS which provides for all the above mentioned features and has the following advantages:

  • Easy edit:

The documents created by the automated-software can be edited easily if any modification needs to be done. Thus, it creates flexibility for the client when they want the document to be more customised.

  • Updated

The company secretary software is fully-updates. The new Companies Act of 2013 is imbibed in the software while framing of any document. Also, all company names, their TIN No’s, etc. are regularly updated and up to date.

  • Convenient to use

The company secretary software is mobile-friendly and thus, you can make documents on the go anywhere on your laptop/mobile/ PC. Also, all options are clearly displayed and thus, make the usage very lucid and clear.

  • Affordable

The price is quite affordable. There is availability of free trial also.

You can have a look at Introduction to our software, vCS at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61o-mfrKXZs.

For more information or to buy the software, visit https://www.volody.com/aboutcs

and https://volody.com/ . So get productive straight away with the help of this software to guide your work.

Volody is a pioneer in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software since 2016. Our innovative AI-powered software automates tasks, extracts insights, & improves efficiency. Volody has delivered exceptional results for numerous firms, including small businesses & Fortune 500 companies across the globe. In the fast-paced world of CLM software, Volody stands as a consistent innovator & a partner you can trust.