Time for the Top Management to Adopt Paperless Board Meeting Tool

Top Management to Adopt Paperless Board Meeting Tool

As quoted by Sir Arthur Clarke, “Any Sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”

Technology brings growth, innovation and transformation. Not only it helps us to reduce life’s daily hassles but most importantly it saves our time which is the most valuable asset for the mankind.

Many organizations are still reluctant to adopt technology at their workplace. They are still following the old method of physical meetings when we have tools to conduct meetings virtually without any papers.

As we are moving towards the quarter-end, there are so many decisions which have to be taken, approvals to be approved and contracts to be signed.  And then the global economy is facing the worst crisis. Our social media is filled with a new term “Quarantine” and half of the population doesn’t have any idea how to deal with this phase. When the entire world is seeing a lockdown and Corporates have been told to work from home and organizations are facing issues in executing all the processes, which leads to delay in business commitments and meeting the desired timeline.

In this Situation, Volody’s Paperless board meeting management software can be a rescue for the top management to take the timely decision for the benefit of their business. Imagine having an application that helps you to connect with your board of directors virtually. While sitting at your home in the self-isolation period you can also take the key decisions for the benefit of your organisation. Isn’t this making your life easy and reducing your work burden?

Let’s understand how Volody’s Paperless Board Meeting Management Software can help your organisation to conduct board meeting efficiently-

Send Meeting Records – Easily send meeting agenda, draft resolution and draft minutes from the software to your board members and get it approved.

Block your Calendar – Google calendar of the invitees to meetings can be blocked from Volody Board Meeting thereby, scheduled reminders can be sent and your invitees can adjust their schedules accordingly.

Centralized Repository – Keep all your meeting records in one place. No need to search for them in your hard files or soft folder or email boxes.

Conduct Board Meeting from the Software- No need to maintain log of the participants attending the meeting. Simply prepare attendance sheet from the software. Also e-voting feature is available.

Action Taken Report – Create action taken report from this ready to use software. Simply enter in your agenda item and allot task to team members. Status of each task can be updated online and hand by hand your action taken report will be prepared.

Access and Rules – Set the access level for users and grant them privileges based on their role in your organization. Our software takes care of everyone from staff members, board members, non-board committee members and any third party users.

Please reach – out at connect@volody.in  to schedule a demo.

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